Seven Corners Travel Insurance

Traveling is an exhilarating experience that allows us to explore new horizons, immerse ourselves in different cultures, and create lasting memories. However, as exciting as it may be, unforeseen circumstances can arise, turning what should have been a dream vacation into a nightmare.

That’s where travel insurance comes in, and Seven Corners has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, offering comprehensive coverage to ensure your peace of mind while on the road.

Why Travel Insurance is Essential

1. Medical Emergencies

One of the primary reasons for purchasing travel insurance is to protect yourself from the financial burden of medical emergencies while abroad. Whether it’s a sudden illness, an accident, or an injury, medical expenses in foreign countries can quickly escalate, leaving you with astronomical bills that can drain your savings. With Seven Corners travel insurance, you can rest assured that your medical expenses will be covered, allowing you to focus on your recovery instead of worrying about the costs.

2. Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes circumstances beyond your control may force you to cancel or cut your trip short. From severe weather conditions to personal emergencies, Seven Corners travel insurance provides coverage for non-refundable expenses, ensuring that you don’t lose the money you’ve invested in your travel plans.

3. Lost or Delayed Baggage

Dealing with lost or delayed baggage can be a frustrating and stressful experience, especially when you’re far from home. Seven Corners travel insurance offers protection against these inconveniences, reimbursing you for essential items or covering the cost of replacing your belongings if your luggage is lost or significantly delayed.

4. Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

In the event of a medical emergency or political unrest in your travel destination, Seven Corners travel insurance can arrange for your safe evacuation or repatriation, ensuring that you receive the necessary medical attention or are transported back to your home country.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Plans

Seven Corners offers a diverse range of travel insurance plans to cater to the unique needs of various travelers. Here are some of their most popular options:

1. Wander Frequent Traveler

For frequent travelers or those embarking on extended trips, the Wander Frequent Traveler plan is an excellent choice. This comprehensive plan provides coverage for multiple trips throughout the year, eliminating the need to purchase separate insurance policies for each adventure.

2. RoundTrip Economy

If you’re seeking basic coverage at an affordable price, the RoundTrip Economy plan is an excellent option. This plan includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical expenses, and baggage protection, ensuring that you have the essential coverage you need without breaking the bank.

3. RoundTrip Choice

The RoundTrip Choice plan is designed for those seeking more robust coverage. In addition to the benefits provided by the RoundTrip Economy plan, this option includes higher medical expense limits, emergency evacuation coverage, and optional adventure sports coverage, making it an ideal choice for thrill-seekers and adventurous travelers.

4. RoundTrip Elite

For the ultimate peace of mind, the RoundTrip Elite plan offers premium coverage with higher limits and additional benefits. This plan includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage, emergency medical and dental expenses, baggage protection, and emergency evacuation, ensuring that you’re fully protected throughout your journey.

Comparing Seven Corners Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Emergency Medical Baggage Protection Emergency Evacuation
Wander Frequent Traveler
RoundTrip Economy
RoundTrip Choice
RoundTrip Elite

How to Choose the Right Seven Corners Travel Insurance Plan

Selecting the appropriate travel insurance plan can be a daunting task, as it requires careful consideration of your travel needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a Seven Corners travel insurance plan:

1. Trip Duration

The length of your trip plays a crucial role in determining the right insurance plan. If you’re planning a short weekend getaway, a basic plan like the RoundTrip Economy might suffice. However, for longer trips or frequent travel, the Wander Frequent Traveler or RoundTrip Elite plans may be more suitable, providing comprehensive coverage for an extended period.

2. Travel Destination

The destination of your trip can also influence your insurance needs. If you’re traveling to a remote or high-risk area, you may want to consider a plan with emergency evacuation coverage, such as the RoundTrip Choice or RoundTrip Elite. Additionally, some destinations may require specific types of coverage, so be sure to research the requirements before purchasing your plan.

3. Activities and Adventures

If your travel plans involve adventurous activities like skiing, scuba diving, or hiking, you’ll want to choose a plan that provides coverage for these pursuits. The RoundTrip Choice and RoundTrip Elite plans offer optional adventure sports coverage, ensuring that you’re protected even during thrill-seeking experiences.

4. Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If you or a travel companion have pre-existing medical conditions, it’s essential to disclose this information when purchasing your travel insurance plan. Some plans may exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, while others may offer coverage with additional premiums or limitations.

5. Travel Party Size

The size of your travel party can also affect your insurance needs. If you’re traveling with a large group or family, you may want to consider a plan that provides higher coverage limits for medical expenses and trip interruption, such as the RoundTrip Elite.


1. When should I purchase Seven Corners travel insurance?

It’s generally recommended to purchase travel insurance as soon as you’ve made your initial trip payment or deposit. This ensures that you’re covered from the moment you’ve invested in your travel plans, reducing the risk of potential losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

2. Can I purchase Seven Corners travel insurance after I’ve already started my trip?

No, Seven Corners travel insurance must be purchased before the start of your trip. Once you’ve begun your journey, it’s too late to purchase coverage for that specific trip.

3. Are pre-existing medical conditions covered by Seven Corners travel insurance?

Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions varies depending on the specific plan you choose. Some plans may exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, while others may offer coverage with additional premiums or limitations. It’s essential to disclose any pre-existing conditions when purchasing your travel insurance to ensure you receive the appropriate coverage.

4. What happens if I need to cancel my trip due to a covered reason?

If you need to cancel your trip due to a covered reason, such as a severe illness or injury, Seven Corners travel insurance will reimburse you for the non-refundable portions of your trip expenses, such as airfare, hotel reservations, and tour packages.

5. Does Seven Corners travel insurance cover adventure sports and activities?

Some Seven Corners travel insurance plans, like the RoundTrip Choice and RoundTrip Elite, offer optional adventure sports coverage for activities like skiing, scuba diving, and hiking. However, it’s important to review the specific plan details and exclusions before engaging in any high-risk activities.

6. How do I file a claim with Seven Corners?

If you need to file a claim with Seven Corners, you can initiate the process by contacting their customer service team or visiting their website. Be sure to have all relevant documentation, such as medical reports, receipts, and travel documents, ready to support your claim.

7. Can I purchase Seven Corners travel insurance if I’m a non-U.S. resident?

Yes, Seven Corners travel insurance is available to both U.S. residents and non-U.S. residents. However, the coverage and eligibility requirements may vary depending on your country of residence, so it’s important to review the plan details carefully.

8. What is the maximum age limit for purchasing Seven Corners travel insurance?

Seven Corners travel insurance plans have different age limits depending on the specific plan and coverage level. Some plans may have higher age limits or no age restrictions at all. Be sure to check the plan details or consult with a Seven Corners representative to understand the age requirements for the plan you’re interested in.


Embarking on a new adventure is an exciting prospect, but ensuring your safety and peace of mind should be a top priority. Seven Corners travel insurance offers a comprehensive range of plans designed to protect you from the unexpected, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories without worrying about potential setbacks.